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Town Twilight
Town Twilight

    I was walking. The sun was shining. I couldn’t see anything but a few vultures. It was too much hot for me. I lost my way and was looking for my parents. I couldn’t decide where I was. It was a deserted place. There were mountains, bushes and of course vultures. Afterwards, I saw a town about one kilometre away. Then I saw the town’s name on a sign post.

    I entered the town. All buildings were two-floored with large gardens. Green was the colour of the town. You could see lots of trees and flowers everywhere.

    While I was walking through a large street, a nice blonde girl came close, and smiled.

    “Hello! Who are you?

    “I haven’t seen you before!

    “Hello! I’m lost and I’m looking for my parents. I need to telephone. I replied.

    “Let me introduce myself. My name is Trinity and yours?

    “Alim, Alim BAYTEKİN,

    “Will you help me?

    “Of course, but we have no telephone she said.

    “What? How can you communicate? I asked.

    “We don’t need to communicate and stop asking questions.

    “Let me show you our town’s beautiful places, Alim she said.


    Trinity took me to her school. While we were walking through the school’s corridors everbody was looking at us. In fact, they were looking at me. There were no other buildings. There was a big garden. You could see green colour everywhere again. The building was an old one. It seemed to me like a hounted house. There were about one hundred students.

    The classes weren’t very big. You could see different colours in the classes. Yellow, pink, red, blue were the most common colours there. There were five classes and in each class, there were about twenty students, ten girls, ten boys. Trinity was talking to the teachers while I was looking around. They were looking at me when I was in front of class C. I found Trinity’s name on the list but there wasn’t any surname. Even the teacher had no surname on the list.

    The bell rang. All of students went it. I got in the class C with Trinity. She was smiling when we sat on a desk. The lesson was Biology everybody had frogs with them. Trinity also had a frog. We cut it. We examined the internal organs of it. The teacher was also smiling when I looked at her once. It was a nice lesson. Everybody was friendly. I liked the Biology class.The school was over that day. We were walking slowly out of the school when she hold my hand. It was very exciting. I wanted to look at the school again. I turned back. What? I saw was dissappointing. I saw an older house like a deserted one. My camera was in my bag. I took it out and took a photo of the building. The building was empty and all of the students were lost. It was very strange.

    After school, Trinity wanted to meet with her friends. We went to an old and big house to meet her friends. This big house was their meeting and playing place. There were four people, two boys, two girls. Morpheus, Jack, Miranda, Monica were their names.

    Morpheus was a coloured boy. He was tall. He was an athletic person. He had no hair because he had shaved his head. It was shining when he moved. But I liked his clothes. They were dark too. He was wearing a black T-shirt, black jeans and black trainers.

    Jack was tall too but he was shorter than Morpheus. He wasn’t a coloured boy. He was a thin brunette one. He was good at computers. He had small pocket computer with him. When he didn’t talk, he was playing with it.

    Miranda was a blonde girl. She was as tall as me. She was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. She had a pet with her. It was a caretta-caretta turtle. It was very cute.

    Monica was a fat girl but she had a beautiful face. She had a bag full of food and desserts. When we were talking about each other, she was eating. She was repeating a sentence after a few sentences it was:

    “I’m very hungry!

    Trinitiy suggested to play hide and seek. Everybody accepted. We began to hide ourselves while Monica was waiting to look for us. I hid myself behind an old coach. There was a strange smell there. It was stinking. I realised that we weren’t alone. Small creatures were travelling around. I thought that they were mice but one of them stopped near me. I could see it. It was very strange and it had a funny appearence. It smiled but I scared. Five minutes later, I heard the voice of Trinity. I stood up. I looked at her. She said,

    “Where were you?,

    “I was here. I replied.

    “We have been looking for you for an hour.

    “Strange!I said.

    When we stopped playing, it was evening. We left the friends there. Trinity took me to her house. It was a huge building. I thought that we were going into a church. The ceiling was very high. There were lots of rooms. Trinity left me alone and she went into a room to look for her parents. While she was there , I began to look the pictures on the walls. There were lots of pictures of different and old people. Their clothes were very colourful.

    The house’s outer side was black painted. The inner side was in yellow colour. The wooden parts of rooms were made of oak tree. The furniture was also made of oak tree.

    Trinity called me to get in that room. Her father and mother were with her. They were nice, good looking people. We talked about ourselves. I only knew their names; Charles and Agatha. Again, I couldn’t hear any surname. They said that I would find my parents.

    I liked this town, I liked Trinity and hers friends. But I missed my parents and of course my hometown. It might be a good place for my holidays.

    I wanted to leave this town. Trinity didn’t want me to go. She said,

    “You may stay here. She went on speaking,

    “But if you decide to stay here, you can’t go anywhere.

    I got frightened. I felt like a prisoner. I asked,

    “Can you go anywhere you like, Trinity?

    “No, I can’t she said.

    “Then this means you have to live here all your life.

    “You’re right. She replied.

    “But Why? I asked.

    “Don’t ask why. There are no answer. Just live this moment. Don’t mind anything else you’ll be all right.

    These were her last sentences. I behaved as she said.

    After that day, Trinity warned me about the leaving day. She said,

    “It’s time to go, Alim. You have to go.

    I nodded my head. We walked to the exit of the town. She was smiling but her eyes were wet. I felt a tear dropping from my face. I was to cry. I didn’t ask any questions. She didn’t talk either. But her eyes said that I would find my parents. She kissed me. I left her there. I began to walk. I didn’t want to look back. I walked about one kilometre. I stopped there. I felt sleepy. At that moment, a strange wind began to blow. I could see nothing. I fell down. I heard a voice. Somebody was saying.

    “Alim, wake up!

    I opened my eyes. My mum was holding me. I saw my father too. There were lots of police cars there. They were very happy. I wanted to stand on my feet. I looked back. I saw a graveyard and the sing post of the graveyard. I ran towards there. The first thing I saw was the name Trinity on a stone. I fainted.


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